Sonic Pi 3.2.2 installer for Raspbian Buster

(newly released update on 2nd June ver 3.2.2_4 debfile)


Runs ONLY on a Pi4, Pi3, Pi3+

(or rather sluggishly on a Pi2)


Requires Raspberry Pi OS 2020-05-27 OR Raspbian Buster 2020-02-13


The installer is a binary .deb file which will ONLY work with Raspberry Pi


This new version is now hosted on Sonic PI main site


Read this information file for details of the deb file


Click to download from site  sonic-pi_3.2.2_4_armhf.deb


Security checksums

MD5 8df8e49f2ed43bf52a30f69e115d094d

SHA256  76086decc9378790397982ed39bfac65d1ff60d6c9f63b1cbcec398ddff6e425


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